- the use of iPod Touches and iPads in Education

ipad.jpgThe use of mobile technology, andparticularly gesture technology, are emerging technologies. This project aims to use iPod Touches in the classroom enabling children to be active learners with digital multimodal opportunities.

There are limited examples of good practice for the integration of mobile gesture technology, such as IPod Touches, within a school setting. The utilisation of Ipod Touches addresses the following aspects of emerging technologies in a 21st century classroom:

1. Use of video to view and share resources and to interact with content.
2. Use of applications to engage users and promote learning.
3. Use of voice recording to collaboratively create and share content.
4. Use of applications to read and view content.

Research has shown that IPod Touches can be used to embed ICLTs across all KLAs and enrich learning environments by:

improving student engagement
significantly influencing literacy and numeracy and life chances for disadvantaged students.
motivating and stimulating learners to want to learn.
promoting collaboration and group work.
being particularly beneficial for ESL and at risk students.

This wiki aims to provide ideas for educators who are using iPods/iPads in the classroom.